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Turn your Freebets in cash!!

Many Freebets each week

Every week on, there are many promotions which can offer you Freebets.

You'll find Freebets of different amounts which let you play without taking any risks. The advantage for you? You can turn them into cash really quickly!

How do Freebets work?

If you have a Freebet of S/ 20 and you place a bet with odds of 2.5, you will win S/ 30 in cash immediately!

If you would like to know how much you can win with your Freebet, you can simply use this trick to calculate your profit:

Freebet (stake)
you'll win
So don't hesitate to take as many Freebets as you can with you thanks to our numerous promotions every week!

How do you use your Freebet?

  1. Receive a Freebet with one of our many promotions
  2. Use your Freebet as stake when you place a bet
  3. Win your bet and immediately win cash!
Terms and conditions of Freebets
  • A Freebet is a fictional stake which allows you to win an amount of real money..
  • A Freebet is played in one time on a live or prematch single or multi bet (not on system bets).
  • A Freebet has a lifespan of seven days. If it's not used by then, the bet is lost.
  • If a bet made with a Freebet is cancelled, the bet is reimbursed with an equivalent Freebet.
  • A Freebet cannot be used to place a bet pertaining to another promotional offer.
  • Example: a Freebet of €10 placed with a quote of 2.5 yields a net win in bonus money of €15 if the player wins his bet.

Do you want to know more about how to use your Freebets? Check the terms and conditions of Freebets.

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