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1st deposit: free bets promotion

Make a deposit and take advantage of our "free bet" promotion.

Depending on the amount deposited, you will receive two or more lots of S/ 20 in free bets up to the value of S/ 220.

How does it work?

  1. Make your deposit
  2. Bet on your chosen event
  3. Get two or more free bets

Your rewards

Amount deposited Benefit Value
Between S/ 40 and S/ 79,99 2 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 40
Between S/ 80 and S/ 119,99 3 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 60
Between S/ 120 and S/ 159,99 4 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 80
Between S/ 160 and S/ 199,99 5 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 100
Between S/ 200 and S/ 239,99 6 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 120
Between S/ 240 and S/ 279,99 7 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 140
Between S/ 280 and S/ 319,99 8 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 160
Between S/ 320 and S/ 359,99 9 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 180
Between S/ 360 and S/ 399,99 10 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 200
S/ 400 o más 11 freebets of S/ 20 S/ 220
Read the terms and conditions here
  • The promotion is valid once for players that have made their first deposit.
  • If the player uses the promotion, it cannot be combined with other offers related to the "first deposit".
  • Freebets are unlocked for bets of S/ 40 in real money with odds > 1.50.
  • For example, if a player deposits S/ 200, they will receive six freebets of S/ 20. If they play S/ 100, the first two freebets of S/ 20 will be unlocked and S/ 20 will remain in the account to unlock the third.
  • Please note: only bets placed with real money on the SINGLE and COMBI coupons will unlock the freebets (SYSTEM betting coupons will not count).
  • The terms and conditions of use of Freebets can be viewed here

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