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Terms and conditions: cash out

  • I. The Cash Out function allows the player to take back part or all of a bet before knowing the result.
  • II. Bets that are available for Cash Out are labelled with a tab in the Sportsbook. The operator decides which bets are applicable for Cash Out as they see fit.
  • III. Cash Out is limited to the amount offered by the operator and is shown in the relevant section.
  • IV. The amount offered for Cash Out may vary depending on the evolution of the odds.
  • V. Cash Out is available for pre-match and live bets and on single and combination bets. The Cash Out function is not offered for system bets.
  • VI. If a player makes a partial Cash Out, the rest of the initial bet that has not been cashed out is based on the initial odds. For example, lets say the player places a single bet of S/ 100 with odds of 3, the full Cash Out amount offered is S/ 200 and the current odds are 2. The player then decides to make a partial cash out of S/ 100. The player will have cashed out half of the offer (S/ 100 + S/ 200). The other half will change according to the current odds (i.e. S/ 50 at odds of 3).
  • VII. If a player makes a partial Cash Out, they must leave a minimum of S/ 0.50 as a residual stake. Otherwise, the minimum partial Cash Out that can be made is S/ 0.10.
  • VIII. A Cash Out cannot be made on a bet that has been placed to get a promotion (free bet, cashback, etc.).
  • IX. Cash Outs cannot be used on a free bet.
  • X. A cashed out bet, including a partial one, does not count towards the bonus playthrough.
  • XI. Once the player has cashed out, this is irrevocable; therefore, the player cannot ask for it to be cancelled.
  • XII. The operator reserves the right to deactivate or suspend the Cash Out function for a specific player, without prior notice or justification.
  • XIII. The operator reserves the right to reject or cancel a Cash Out request if:
    • a) the odds of the bet in question have changed;
    • b) the Cash Out was offered in error;
    • c) the result of the bet in question was known when the player began the Cash Out;
    • d) a player abuses the feature.
  • XIV. The operator does not guarantee that this feature will always be available, even if Cash Out appears to be available for bets.
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