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Bonus Terms and Conditions

What are the advantages of bonus money?

Bonus money is the gift amount that is added to the available credit in your account, allowing you to play and bet more time. This money cannot be withdrawn until your bonus playthrough has reached 100%.

From real money to bonus money

When you play and bet, real money is taken into account first and then the bonus amount. Bonus money allows you to play and win, but it cannot be withdrawn directly. To convert the bonus money (cannot be withdrawn) into real money, you will have to get your bonus playthrough up to 100%.

What is playthrough?

Playthrough is the number of times you need to bet the bonus to convert it into real money.

At, the basic playthrough is 30. So when you bet the bonus amount 30 times, you'll have reached 100% of the playthrough. You can then withdraw the bonus money because it will have changed into real money.

To reach the playthrough total, it is important that the sum of the bets placed corresponds to 30 times the initial amount of the acquired bonds. You can play both with real money and with bonus money in any of our sports bets or games, whether its slots, blackjack or live roulette with odds of 1.6 or above.

On the bonus page you can see your playthrough percentage. When you reach 100%, the bonus money will be converted into real money, which means you can withdraw it.

Type of game / betPlaythroughCoefficient
Bet with odds higher than 1.6030100%
Slot machines30100%

If the player's account has less than 4 soles of bonus money, the bonus money will be converted into real money in the next game played or bet made.

What happens with the bonus money if a request for cash withdrawal is made?

Any request for cash withdrawal means all bonus money in the player's account will be lost.

Bonuses are explained in more detail in the FAQ section.

Bonuses are subject to Terms and Conditions.

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