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Frequently asked questions

Which games can I find on

On this online gaming website, you can find all the most popular casino games, available in any casino. These can be split into different categories:

  • Sports betting
  • Roulette
  • Live roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Video Bingo
  • Slots
Do I have to register to be able to play on

If you have not registered yet, you can play the demo of a game for 10 minutes with a credit limit so that you can test the quality of the online games on this website. After 10 minutes, the game will stop.

When you create an account on, you will have the chance to play with pretend money for as long as you want to practise or simply for fun.

With a account, you will also have the chance to play the games offered on the website with real money. To do so, you can make deposits using various online payment methods and you can also withdraw your winnings via bank transfer or your chosen method from those offered on

How do I register on

To create an account on, click the “CREATE MY ACCOUNT” button that appears on the homepage and other parts of the website.

This will take you to the page where you can create an account.

The registration form consists of two pages that collect information that will identify you, including your name, surname, date of birth, country of birth, your ID number, your postal address, your email address, your username and your password. You must also accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, declare that you are over the age of 18 and are not prohibited from gambling. All fields are compulsory, except for the promotional code.

When you have completed the process, CIRCUS will verify your age, address and that you are not on the registered in the USES (Unified Self-Exclusion System) as updated by the MGA. Once this has been verified, you will receive an email to confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the body of the message. When you have confirmed your registration, the account will be considered valid. If your account is not validated, you will not be able to make deposits or withdrawals.

Nor will you have access to your bonuses.

How can I change my personal details?

Once you have created your account, you can change certain details by clicking ‘My Account’ and then ‘Identity’. For security and internal coherence reasons, the following details cannot be changed: title, name, surname, date of birth, country of birth, place of birth, ID number, province/county, username and password. Only the following can be changed manually: address, town and telephone number. To change your email address, you will have to submit a Support request.

To save the details you have changed (address, town and/or telephone), click ‘Save’.

How can I log in to my account if I’ve lost or forgotten my login details?

If you have lost or forgotten your login details, please email CIRCUS at this address: [email protected]

Circus will take all necessary measures to restore the player’s access to their account, after verifying their identity.

I want to delete my account on, what do I need to do?

To delete your account, please send your request to our Customer Service team by clicking on Technical Support on the right-hand side of the page.

What is the difference between DEMO mode and REAL mode?

When you play with real money, you play with the money you have deposited in your account. Your winnings are added to your account and you can withdraw them whenever you want.

When you play in Demo mode, you play with pretend money, your winnings are pretend, and you cannot withdraw them in this mode. No financial transactions take place in Demo mode.

What are the minimum technical requirements to play on Circus?

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 or later, MacOSX or later, Apple iOS 6 or later, Android 4.4.2 or later.

Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or later, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome 69 or later, Mozilla Firefox 47 or later.

I can’t start a game or the game is stuck on Loading.

If you can’t start a game or it is stuck on loading, it is likely that you do not have the latest version of Flash Player. Download the latest version and update your Flash Player to solve the problem (Download the latest version of Flash Player).

For an optimal gaming experience, we also recommend using the Google Chrome browser (Download Google Chrome).

What happens if I am disconnected during a gaming session?

If you have connection problems during a game, a ‘Continue’ notification will appear on the page. Click this button to resume your game.

My credits are still ‘in play’, how can I get them back?

If your credit is in play, it means that a game has not finished and is therefore still ongoing in your account.

To get your game and/or credit back, you generally just need to wait a moment for your credit to be updated or until you can resume your game (which can vary between a few seconds and 5 minutes).

If the situation does not resolve itself, refresh the page by pressing the F5 key or log out of your account and back in again.

If you have not got your credit or your game back after 30 minutes, please contact our Customer Service team by clicking Technical Support on the right-hand side of this page.

Where can I find more information about my gaming sessions?

If you need more information about your gaming sessions, please contact customer service ([email protected]).

What is a bonus?

A bonus is a sum of money that is offered to you and added to the credit in your account so that you can play and bet more.

What are the different types of bonuses?

There are 2 categories of bonuses: deposit bonuses and direct bonuses.

  • Deposit bonuses
    Deposit bonuses are added to your credit immediately after a deposit. The amount of the bonus money you receive corresponds to a percentage of the amount of your deposit.

    For example, if a 100% bonus is available and you deposit S/50, you will receive a S/50 bonus on top of your deposit. The maximum amount indicated in the offer corresponds to the maximum amount of the bonus you can receive, and not to the maximum amount you can deposit.

  • Direct bonuses
    Direct bonuses are predefined amounts that are added to your credit when you meet certain conditions. For example:

    • The tell-a-friend bonus is offered to you when you invite friends to play on the website
  • Freebets
    A Freebet is a bonus amount of money that can only be used once on a sports bet that is offered during a sports promotion. The winnings you get from this Freebet are bonus money, subject to the same conditions as the previous bonuses.

Do bonuses expire?

All bonuses are valid indefinitely. When you get one, you can use it whenever you like. Only Freebets have a validity period of 7 days.

However, sometimes there is a time limit on a bonus: during a sports betting promotion, pay attention and always bet in the time indicated to enjoy the promotion.

I’ve received a bonus, can I withdraw my winnings?

The bonus money cannot be withdrawn directly. To convert the bonus money into real money, you must reach 100% of the playthrough for the set of bonuses you have received.

What is playthrough?

Playthrough is the number of times you need to bet the bonus amount to convert it into real money. On Circus, the basic playthrough is 30. Therefore, the playthrough for a bonus of S/10 is achieved when you accumulate S/300 in bets.

Is the playthrough the same for any type of game?

The playthrough differs depending on the different games and bets you try: 30x for bets with odds greater than 1.60 30x for Blackjack, slots and Video Bingo 90x for roulette and live roulette.

How much do I have to bet to complete the playthrough?

You can follow the progress of your bonuses and find out how much is left to play on each type of game and bet in the My money > Bonuses and codes section. Bear in mind that the playthrough only ever applies to the initial amount of your bonus and not to the winnings you get from it.

How can I tell if I am playing with real money or bonus money?

Bets will first be placed with real money and then with bonus money.

And are my winnings in real money or bonus money?

If you have more than S/4 of bonus money in your account, your winnings will also be shown in bonus money, until you have reached 100% of the playthrough.

Can you use bonus money to get other bonus promotions?

In the majority of cases, that is not possible. For example, you cannot use a Freebet to get another Freebet. You can find out the conditions of each offer in our Promotions section.

I want to withdraw my real money. What happens to my bonus money?

If you haven’t reached 100% of the playthrough at the time of your withdrawal request, the bonus money will be voided and lost definitively. Always check your balance before withdrawing to find out how much is left.

I don’t want to receive bonuses. What do I do?

You can reject bonuses in your account by deselecting the ‘I want to receive bonuses’ box in My money > My account > My settings. You will stop receiving bonuses and only play with real money.

Do not hesitate to check our Promotions page, as well as our general terms and conditions of use, for a more detailed explanation. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team.

How do Bonuses work and what are the restrictions?

In some circumstances, such as when you register, with certain deposits or to reward your loyalty, you may receive a Free Bonus for a specific amount (in soles or a percentage). The Free Bonus will appear in the ‘Bonuses’ section of your account. We recommend that you read our BONUS POLICY carefully so that you can take advantage of all the benefits.

What is the ‘bonus code’ box for and how do I get a code?

The ‘BONUS CODE’ box is located in ‘MY ACCOUNT – MY BONUSES’.

It allows you to enter a bonus code that you have received during a specific promotional or advertising campaign.

During these campaigns, you will be given a promotional code that you must enter to redeem it and therefore get the corresponding BONUS.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you respect the upper/lower case letters and figures when you enter the code.

How do I make a deposit on

Log in to your Circus account and click on Deposit. On your mobile device, simply tap the ‘Plus’ sign next to your credit.

Choose your payment method and the amount you want to deposit. Validate and that’s it!

We offer different deposit methods:

  • a credit or debit card via SafeCharge
  • an AstroPay prepaid card

Good to know

You can buy your AstroPay Card with PagoEfectivo. All you have to do is purchase your card online with AstroPay.

  1. Go to and choose ‘Buy AstroPayCard’.
  2. Log in or create an AstroPay account if you’re new to AstroPay.
  3. Choose the currency and the amount of the card you want to buy.
  4. Choose your payment method, for example PagoEfectivo, and click on ‘Checkout’.
  5. Check your purchase, confirm and pay. That’s it!

You can now use your AstroPay Card to deposit money on your Circus account.

Want to know more about how to deposit on Circus? Read more about our various deposit methods.

I made a deposit 10 minutes ago but the status is still showing as ‘In progress’.

There may have been an error with the transaction so it may not have been approved.

If the amount of your deposit has been charged to your bank statement, contact our technical support, which you can find on the left of this page.

Please tell us if your bank account has been charged and include the date and time of the transaction.

Are there any deposit limits on

Regardless of the number of deposits you make, there’s no limit deposit pre-established by Circus. Notwithstanding this, you can always express your desire of limiting the amount of money you may deposit.

The minimum deposit per transaction is S/10.

Is my money safe on

Yes. You can withdraw your money using the methods offered on this page. offers the maximum guarantees as a Maltese company operating under the control of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

How do I make a withdrawal from my account?

To make a withdrawal from your account, click on ‘My money’ and then select the option ‘Make a withdrawal’. Now you can see your gaming balance (which includes your real balance plus your bonuses), and the real balance, which can be withdrawn at any time. When the conditions of each promotion have been met, the bonus amounts are added to your REAL BALANCE and can then be withdrawn.

The available withdrawal options are VISA and AstroPay Card, only after making a successful deposit with the same method first.

Why do I have to authenticate my account before my withdrawal can be processed?

For security reasons, we must authenticate your account by verifying your identity.

Are there any withdrawal limits on

On, you can withdraw from S/10 to the maximum amount of your real balance.

How long will my withdrawal take?

Once we have verified your identity and approved your request to withdraw funds, withdrawals typically take 1 to 3 banking days to reach your bank account but can, on occasion, take longer. If you have not received your withdrawal after 10 business days, please contact our customer service ([email protected]).

What requirements do I have to meet to be able to play on

If you have been PROHIBITED FROM GAMING, or are registered in the USES (Unified Self-Exclusion System) as set by the MGA you will no longer be authorised to play on Although your account will not be deleted, you will be banned from accessing the games and you will not be able to deposit money into your account; however, you will still be able to withdraw the amount in your REAL BALANCE.

I no longer meet the requirements to play on

If you have been PROHIBITED FROM GAMING, and you are on the General Register of Gaming Access Bans, you will no longer be authorised to play on Although your account will not be deleted, you will be banned from accessing the games and you will not be able to deposit money into your account; however, you will still be able to withdraw the amount in your REAL BALANCE.

Is a legal online gaming website?

The interactive portal gives users every guarantee, as it is subject to administrative control. Therefore, players can be sure that the games have all the required security mechanisms. Players can participate on with full faith as these games are developed using cutting-edge technology, which guarantees user confidentiality and privacy thanks to the security of the gaming system.

What should I do if I am addicted to gambling?

Gambling should be fun and most importantly seen as entertainment. If you think that you are addicted to gambling, you can request a gaming access ban temporarily or permanently using this form. Your inclusion on the USES (Unified Self-Exclusion System) enabled for this purpose by the Malta Gaming Authoritywill be permanent until you ask to be removed. If you are addicted to gambling, we recommend that you seek help from any of the organisations detailed on our website.

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