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Formula 1 betting

Mobile phone with an online F1 betting screen

Do you like speed, excitement and lots of twists and turns all around the world? If you are passionate about motor sports, the Grand Prix and amazing cars, discover the wide variety of different F1 bets at Circus.

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From training sessions to the Grand Prix: place your bets!

At Circus, you are the master of betting on Formula 1 and the Australian, Canadian, Malaysian and Monaco Grands Prix. Follow the training sessions, analyse the weather forecast and make quick predictions about great drivers such as Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. As the third most watched event on sports channels and one of the most highly anticipated in the world of motor sports, the Formula 1 World Championship takes pride of place among online sports bets.

Excitement, legendary races, suspense and your predictions

Despite the complexity of the sport, the great thing about betting on Formula 1 is the wide range of side bets: you can bet on the teams, the constructors and the drivers. With every lap, placing a bet on d'Ambrosio makes the race more interesting and you will be guaranteed to have adrenaline rushing through your veins! Will he beat his personal best? Who will drop out of the race? Will Alonso end up on the podium? Do you get an urge to bet when you think of Spa-Francorchamps? If so, you've come to the right place. We can't wait to see your predictions for each Grand Prix. We've got hundreds of online bets on Formula 1!

How do you bet on Formula 1 when you are not a professional driver?

Winning a Formula 1 race doesn't come down to chance and neither does making a good prediction. You need a certain amount of talent and knowledge on the subject. Who was the last winner of the world championship? Who was in pole position at Spa-Francorchamps? Which driver has signed with Mercedes-Benz? Who has Red Bull chosen to be the reserve driver for next year? If the answers to these questions are obvious to you, you're in pole position to win your bet!

How do you bet on Formula 1?

As in all sports, Circus encourages you to bet on various events. Who will be in pole position in the next race? Which of the two drivers from the same team will finish first? Who will set the fastest lap time during the next Grand Prix? Start zooming off and separating yourself from the pack with your great predictions!

Would you like to bet on Formula 1 and other sports? Here at Circus, you can! Find out how you can bet on basketball, cycling, football and tennis!

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