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Not satisfied?

If you are not fully satisfied with your experience at Circus or have any suggestions about how we could improve, we would love to hear from you. We want you to have the most fun possible at Circus and are always here to listen and help make your experience the best it can be. You can make a complaint to the company directly by filling in the CUSTOMER SERVICE contact form.

Complaints must be sent within a maximum of 3 months from the date of the original transaction. Otherwise, your complaint will not be processed.

Reshuffle Gaming Ltd. will confirm receipt of your complaint, take your contact details and will let you know when you should expect to hear back from them.

Still not satisfied? File a claim with MADRE

If, once we get back to you, you are still not fully satisfied with our response, you can file a claim for free with MADRE, an independent organisation that aims to mitigate disputes between customers and online gambling operators in accordance with the MGA Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive. All you have to do is fill in a Claims Form or send an email to [email protected].

Once MADRE have made a decision, it will be delivered in print by post upon one of the Parties’ request. In cases where the Operator has proposed non-binding proceedings under Section 2a of their Rules of Procedure, the Parties shall inform MADRE whether they accept the proposed solution within two weeks of the decision being given. Should one or both Parties fail to reply, this shall be interpreted as acceptance of the decision. The proposed solution may be different from an outcome determined by a competent court or tribunal applying legal rules.

It should also be noted that the process does not restrict a Consumer’s right to bring proceedings against the Operator in any court of competent jurisdiction before or following MADRE’s proposed solution to the dispute.

Need more information on filing a claim with MADRE? See the full rules of procedure and potential consequences of taking such action.

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