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Basketball betting

Mobile phone with an online basketball betting screen

There are no secrets to the NBA. Are you a fan of Stephen Curry's spectacular offensive style and like watching matches which will keep you on the edge of your seat? Enter the world of rebounds, counterattacks and baskets to win your sports bets.

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  2. Place a bet on your bet slip
  3. Choose how much you want to bet and confirm your bet slip

Do you love the atmosphere at a basketball match?

Who doesn't? The NBA can be summed up by 10 players, excited fans, cheering, drinks, cheerleaders and the sound of the iconic NBA buzzer beater. Do you feel the need to better yourself, win and soak up the team sprit? Then turn your passion for basketball into cash. To help you win, the cheerleaders will chant the name of your favourite player, helping you decide whether Pau Gasol, LeBron James, Hervelle or Rubio will take the lead and win the game.

From the dribbling of the Belgian Lions to the decisive passes of the NBA: enjoy the betting experience!

Soak up the atmosphere of the Liga ACB, the Chicago Bulls or the Final Four and bet on your favourites. Do you love the thrill from the players shooting basket after basket? When the referee whistles to signal the start of the match, your passion for the sport will help you make good predictions and win big. Turn your knowledge of the game into cash and the winning team won't be the only winner on the court that day! Make sure your basketball knowledge is up to scratch, make good predicitons and celebrate your team's win as well as your own thanks to Circus!

Your basketball knowledge will make all the difference to your bets

Winning a basketball match doesn't happen by chance, and neither does making a good prediction. You need skill and some knowledge on the subject. Are you completely up to speed with Ray Allen's three-pointers and Serge Ibaka's blocks? Do you know who scored the most points in the last match? Or which teams will play the next match, who is playing at home and in what league? Your knowledge will really help you improve your betting strategy.

How to bet on basketball

Nothing can be taken for granted in a basketball game. It might be easy to predict the winner but betting on the highest scorer, the number of points scored or the final score is not so straightforward. Bet on NBA games and try your luck at betting on European competitions such as the PRO A too. This legendary sport can't wait to hear all your predictions.

Do you like betting on basketball and want to have a go at betting on other sports too? Here at Circus, you can! Why not try betting on cycling, Formula 1, football or tennis.

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